Should I get Toon Boom Animate or Toon Boom Animate Pro?

Hello, I’m currently using Toon Boom Digital Pro on my PC. However next year I will most likely be going out of state for college and I just want to bring my Macbook with me and leave my huge tower behind.

Now I want to get a newer version of Toon Boom but I was wondering if I should get Animate or Animate Pro. I mean I have to get a Mac version so I don’t think I can upgrade from the PC version and even than so Animate Pro is still significantly more expensive than Animate. And so far Digital Pro is more than enough to suit my animating needs.

So what do you think I should get?

If I were you and already owned Digital Pro I would take advantage of the Upgrade offer and get Animate Pro. You can download a version for mac or pc the toon boom guys are cool that way.

I’d see. But say if I somehow lost my Digital Pro CD and had my hard-drive crash so I no longer have Digital Pro should I go and buy Animate or Animate Pro?

In short if I’m just doing animation for a hobby is the extra money for Pro worth it? Or is that only if you’re a professional and absolutely NEED the best of the best?

If you were freelancing, then I would say definitely go for it (and depending in what nation you file your taxes, there may be a potential tax write-off) but like you said, you’re looking to use it as a hobby and to be completely frank I can understand the concern over the price point for such use and as a result I would be more incline to recommend the Animate version.

If Im not mistaken you should be able to upgrade later down the road to Pro if you outgrow Animate. The one nice thing about pro I will admit is the network capability (among other features).

On a side note, I stumbled through a copy of the TB Animate Pro license on my hard drive the other day and it seems to suggest that there was (and may be) an educational version (as it references and educational copy in the body of the license) so you might want to contact TB directly. A lot of companies do have educational pricing for students so check with TB first. Yes theyre busy, but theyre very receptive people.

I see thanks. How does Animate (regular) compare to Digital Pro? Is it significantly inferior? (Animate does have onion skin right?)

Also looking at other stores what does “Academic” mean? I know its for student purchases but is the software the same?

Also my display is only 1200 x 800 on the Macbook I have. Would that be okay for Animate as the requirements say 1280 x 1024?

Digital Pro is a lot like Animate Pro. Animate Pro is the next generation of Digital Pro.

While I dont know if theres a list that directly compares Digital Pro to Animate Pro, there is a decent list for Animate regular that points out features you could get with Animate Pro

Also, give the PLE version of Animate and Animate Pro a spin.

Thanks for the awesome reply. ;D

Seems like Animate Pro is only for those who are extremely experienced as animators as well as Toon Boom as well as doing large scale projects with much production.

Animate should be more than enough for me.

Just one more question: I’m going to be using the new 13" Macbook Pro with this.

My specs are:

N-Vidia 9400M
Intel Core2 Duo 2.26
4 GB 1067 DDR3 RAM

Do you know how Animate will run on this? And would bumping the resolution up to 1080p have huge effect?

4GB of DDR3 Ram would be more than enough. I’m on a computer with 2GB of DDR Ram, and there’s only slight hiccups when I’m roughing out stuff with onion skin on. The higher the resolution the better, probably.