Should I get Studio or Animate?

I’m an amateur animator who has past experience with Flash, and have heard about some of the advantages Toon Boom has and, with the recent sale, have decided to take the plunge. The only problem is that I can’t decide whether I should get Animate 3, or just get Studio 8.

A big factor would be the ability to import the Flash files I have of individual characters. I know Animate has this, but I’m not sure about Studio. I also do a mixture of tweens and frame-by-frame techniques for my animations. Would one of the two be a better fit for that approach than the other?

Finally, is there a page on the site anywhere that lists the features each application has? That could help a lot in my decision.

Given that the current sale ends on Saturday, I thought I would offer some quick general comments.

First of all, since you already have some animation experience in Flash, I must say that Animate is a far, far better program than Studio, so this would be a good time to get it. They will both do FBF, but only Animate offers morphing, which may help with your “tweening.”

Studio features:

Animate features:

It looks like only Animate Pro offers the bone morphing feature you mentioned, and that’s out of my price range. Does the standard Animate still allow for some sort of character body part rigging?

EDIT: Never mind, I just checked the features list and it has what I’m looking for. Guess I’ll go with standard Animate.

You will LOVE Animate. Yes, you will be able to rig your body parts. See here:

By the way, I was not referring to bone deformation in Animate Pro 3. In standard Animate you can morph between two shapes, e.g. a square can turn into a star.

Here’s a morphing example: