Shot vs Scene

Hi, I’m heading up storyboards on 26xhalf hour tv series. We’re planning on using TBSB as the organisational tool and because of the way our previous production have been run we call shots ‘scenes’.

Is there any way to have TBSB label shots as scenes in the PDF export?

And a couple of thoughts regarding the print board:
- It would be good to have the page number on the bottom as our print boards are bound at the top of the page.
- We make use of sequence numbers. It would be good if TBSB could track those too, perhaps another box next to shot and panel.


For the moment the pdf setup can only be controlled through the edit format button. We do not yet have access to the labeling but it could be considered for future versions.

As for the other requests those are also things that could be seen in the future of the software. We are looking into having a more visual approach to adjust pdf export in the long run which should be addressing those issues of yours.

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Nice to see the scene/shot option in the SP. :smiley: