Shorten a bone and questions about rig (beginner)

Hello everyone !

I’m new on this forum, and in animation too . My very very first project is a big one, and i have to plan and think about a lot of things .
Now i’m choosing my rigging/animating method. I’ve already tried deformers, and now i’m trying Inverse Kinematics .

Normally i don’t like to ask questions, and finally i arrive to find an answer, but not this time ! I hope you will understand my english.
So, i have some questions, by order of importance:

NOTE: With IK, i didn’t rigged with pegs, but just with pivot points on drawings.

  1. (Look at the image) I have a rigged arm, and i want to go from the first pose to the second one (i’m just in hierarchy with IK, not deformer). If i want to do that, i have to shorten bones and make bigger some parts. Can i do that ? Because i’ve tried “all i could” and the bones are just rigid…

2)Can i save a whole character and his rig at the same time in the library ?Like, if i want to import my character in a scene, i just drag it in the scene and i will have the and all his stuff. I just found videos about char OR rig, but not together.

  1. Can we save a “walk cycle template” ? And, can we “drag” it onto another character and he will walk (i he is already rigged) ?

4)And, If i draw a shorter substition for a already rigged arm, the pivots points do shit, is it normal ?

Thank you in advance for your answers. :slight_smile:

I use H Adv so ther could be sollutions in Premiere.

  1. From the attached images it looks like you have to draw more drawings of each part so it get the 3D-look.

  2. You can drag whatever you created into the library and reuse. You can also update that later if you want to update anything.

  3. you can save anything you created as in the library and reuse.

  4. It could be hard with the pivots. I remember things like that can happen. You can move the points with different tools and permanent and animated. Have to see exact what you do before trying to say what to do.

/ Mattias

Hello Mattias, thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

So, for the 1) , what i have to do ? i have to draw substitution ? I can’t just shorten bone and make bigger the forearm ? I don’t understand why they didn’t make possible to combine deformer and IK, like, a normal skeleton, with just adjustable bones… Or maybe i didn’t understand something ?

  1. Ok, so if i want to save something, i just have to drag it into the library ? how do i draw an entire rig ?

  2. Ok, i will try with peg this time :slight_smile:

Again thank you !


Hi r34om,

I think what you need to know is how to use templates. At this topic you’ll certainly find the information you need:


Ok thank you Stefman, I will check and learn about that :slight_smile: (edit: i just read the links, it was exactly what i need for 2 and 3 !)

And if someone can explai me for the 1) (because i didn’t really understand, sorry ), i would be nice !



There are sure several ways to solve this. And I user Harmony Adv.

What I was thinking of is that you draw differnet angles of the arm and swatch between these when the arms turns agains the camera.
If you open the library view you see that every image in a layers gets stored there.

So if you have 4 different mouth-images you can swaths between them.
If you only have one drawing in a layer and what to add a drawing, mark the frame where you cant to have a new drawing and press the duplicate image button ( or shift + alt + D, I think ) Then you can change that image into that new arm if you work with a vector image. If you use pixel image its better to create a new image and redraw it I think.

/ Mattias

Ok thank you.

So that’s the substitutions in the library ? the problem with substitutions (that i have) is that when i switch between two drawings, my bones go away… And how can i do if my substitution is smaller than m first drawing ? because my pegs doesn’t follow…
I’m searching since yesterday and i can’t find out. If you can help me :slight_smile:

And, another question, i tried the perspective tool, do you if we can do the same with an “animating” tool, like to deform a drawing as we can do with the perspective tool and that create keyframes of that deformation?

Yes, I know it can be very hard with the pivots sometimes.
From what I understand you can move these with different tools.

You can move a pivot an animated and permanent.

  • The drawing pivot tool. - moves the pivot to the place where you want.

  • tranformation tools. there you can also move the pivot If you move the pivot there the pivot you placed using the drawing pivot tool are still there.

  • You can copy a pivot from one drawing to another but ctrl + c from the drawing with the correct pivot and mark the other drawing and choose Edit/ Paste special and select uopdate pivot.

I am not sure if these things will help you with the current problem because I remmber it could be som many different situation when this problems appear.

/ Mattias

Good afternoon,

I would highly recommend rigging with Bones rather than the inverse kinematics. You will get a lot more stretching and bending abilities than only using the Inverse Kinematics.

Make sure when rigging with bones to never put a peg below a deformer.

Are you using Premium? Premium offers crazy cool abilities with the curve and envelope deformers.

If you want to see a simple rig using curves and bones, you can download the sample material and watch the videos here:

I hope this helps!