Shortcuts not working

Hi, I’m on Mac and my intention is for the shortcuts to work like in Flash, so that’s the set I’m using. I want to hit E once and get the eraser, hit B once and get the brush, hit V and get the selector etc.

But when I open up TB Animate Pro 2 and I have a brush (f.e.), I will only get the eraser for the duration of the keyboard stroke “E”.

The keyboard shortcut shows as “Option-E” in the preferences. If I change it to something else and the hit “default” (changing it back to “Option-E”), it actually works the way I want to. While it still doesn’t make sense it solves my problem, but only for the duration of the session! Once TB shuts down, by quitting or by its own liking (yes, it’s crashing a LOT!), I will have to go and edit the keyboard preferences for all the tools I intend to use AGAIN.

Please advise. Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the reply!

I’m not used to using any other software with “overrideable” shortcuts, so that’s quite a hassle.

I believe it’s already been requested by other users, but let me pitch in:
It would be really great to be able to create custom keyboard layouts, and please make them ex- and importable.


Those shortcuts are called “Overrideable” shortcuts. Meaning that the shortcuts for E, B, are active only for so long as you hold down the button, and if you want to switch permanently you need to hit the option key.

This is something that’s actually hard-coded into the software, and I don’t think that you can change that. I’m very surprised that you managed to make it work at all!


I know that if you’re not used to using them then it could be a hassle, but when you actually get used to using them it can be quite handy, too. But nonetheless, I will submit your request.