Shortcuts for scripts


Anyone knows if it is possible to add a keyboard shortcut to a custom made script?

Thanks in advance

Hi Ampy

We currently use a Toolbar with buttons for our scripts.

We have several scripts (to automate ease, to replace drawings, etc…) That is a request from our animators that came from Flash, and they were used to have the scripts on shortcuts. It ends up saving time, because is faster to hit a key, than to co with the cursor on a spot a click.

I know that there are some scripts that only work on a specific window. and maybe that is what is holding things back.

I just ask to be sure, or to see if anyone were able to do it.

Currently the procedure for changing and assigning keyboard shortcuts is dependent upon a pre-existing list of functions in Preferences.

Support explained that not every function can have a shortcut assigned and those eligible are listed in Preferences.

There would need to be a way to enter the script’s function in that list so the shortcut editor would be available for that function.

You could write a script to create keyboard shortcuts for scripts in the Script Editor but it would be an advanced undertaking according to Support.

Have you considered creating a toolbar button for the script?

You can also write a script for shortcutless functions that would be triggered by a button instead of a shortcut.

Toon boom - is it still impossible?

Can you tell me the script to replace drawings?

I’ve just stumbled upon this thread. Is there really no way of assigning custom scripts to shortcut keys?


unfortunately, it still isn’t possible to assign scripts to keyboard shortcuts.

But, you could drop a line in this feature request thread in order to keep the topic visible:

It’s been a long time but I finally found a blog post describing how to create shortcuts for your scripts: