Shortcuts De-activated on restart?

I thought I might have seen a post on this issue before, so if this has already been resolved in a previous thread, please and thank you to send the link. :slight_smile:

The issue I’m having is the shortcuts become ‘de-activated’ whenever I close out and restart the program.

For months I’ve been using the app with no shortcuts, but this has been very frustrating when toggling back and forth between the timeline and the Camera viewer - with timeline active, I have to click the selection button to change from the brush tool so I can select the canvas. If I have the brush tool active, it paints an unwanted dot on the canvas. Then I have to click on the canvas, and then back again to the brush tool. All this to switch from the timeline to the canvas! (If there’s a shortcut to toggle between panels I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear it!!!)

I checked out the shortcut settings in the Preferences panel, and ‘Flash’ was selected. On a whim, I switched it to Animate 2, and those shortcuts became active, however I lost my ‘home’ to first frame and ‘end’ to last frame shortcuts (I tried programing them in shortcut interface and it didn’t work). So I switched back to Flash and suddenly B toggled the brush tool, A was the specific select tool, and a myriad of other shortcuts were now active. Not trusting my good fortune, I shut down and restarted the app, and B and A were DEactivated again. I went into the preferences panel, toggled off Flash to Animate, closed the preferences, then went back into the preferences and toggled BACK to flash, and behold! The shortcuts were working again! Even the one I programmed (general selection to ‘v’ instead of the default ALT+V).

All my work is accomplished through shortcut keys. It’s critical to expediting my production and keeping my creative flow. If I have to remember to toggle the shortcut panel in the preferences on every startup, I will in order to keep using the shortcuts - BUT - if this is a glitch that can be resolved in some way, that would make me VERY HAPPY. :slight_smile:

Here are my system settings -

Intel iMac OS 10.7.5
16 GB memory

Cintiq 20WSX Display

Animate 2 Build 7.9

Thanks for your time!


PS - if there’s a legitimate opportunity to ‘up sell’ to Harmony because of this issue, I would be very interested in hearing it! :slight_smile:

I don’t have Animate but check and see if you have Preferences > General Tab> Focus follows Mouse. Activate this if you have it and then you won’t have to click to activate the different views.


THANK YOU!! I’ll give that a try!

FTR - if anyone else reads this in Animate it’s in the ‘Option’ portion of the ‘General’ tab and it’s ‘Focus on Mouse Enter’. Same thing, just slightly different wording.