Shortcuts: Custom shortcuts work VERY seldom for Harmony and AP2.

Is there any definitive fix for this? Typically, it seems like the quick-use buttons (holding a key to use the tool temporarily) are the biggest problem.

When a tool using any Alt+ has been set by default, any re-mapping of the shortcuts typically refuse to work no matter whether I duplicate, replace, or manually remove the original key before setting a new one.

I’ve only managed to custom bind the keys 6 and 8 to Snap and Close Gaps respectively because they weren’t previously bound… however, trying to bind Show/Hide Contour Editor Controls to 7 won’t work because Alt+7 is the rectangle tool.

Would very much appreciate a way to fix this, maybe even suggest being able to save/load shortcut schemes through the preferences.

Thanks for your time!

Hi JRHere is a passage from the userguide.NOTE:If a keyboard shortcut is already in use, the Conflict Detected dialog box will appear notifying you of the command to which it is already associated. You can continue to associate the shortcut or cancel the operation and choose another command. -Current keyboard shortcut.Resets the keyboard shortcut to its default value.-The Replace button associates the selected keyboard shortcut and removes it from any commands already using it.-The Duplicate button associates the selected keyboard shortcut with the command and allows other commands in the list to use the same one.The Cancel button stops the operation and lets you select another keyboard shortcut.Remember that there are three major shortcut sets:Adobe Flash, Toon Boom Animate and Toon Boom Studio.I have never had ahy problems assigning/changing shortcuts. I use the TB Animate set.If the duplicate shortcut is linked to a different window it usually makes no problems. Myself have changed most of onion skin shortcuts because the Norwegian keyboard makes the default very difficult to reach. There have been no problem after finding a range of keys that are close following each other. Hope you solve the problems-Ivar

Thanks ivaar,I have read these about the shortcuts. I’m having the same problem with both AP and Harmony. Very few shortcuts will actually set. I have tried restarting the programs immediately after making several changes to the shortcuts. Some of the shortcut changes will work, however most don’t.The closest thing I can find to a pattern is anything that requires a duplicate has never properly duplicated under Harmony or the Animate Pro set.The operating system for both computers (one using Harmony, the other using Animate Pro 2) is Windows 7 64-bit.

Hi againI am on mac and have never tried TBA Pro on windows.Lilly had a tips of the week on TBA interface: she also briefly goes through the shortcut in preferences.You will find a full list of shortcuts at the bottom of the help menu main window.Hope this helps.-Ivar

I should reword the problem. If I want to remap 80% of all the shortcuts, at least 70% would either ignore the change I made staying at the default, or, the new shortcut key would do nothing at all. On Animate Pro 2, I would change the overrideable functions from “Alt+B” to just “B”. I would change this because I wanted the Alt versions to use completely different functions. For example: “Alt+B” I wanted to be ‘Close Gaps’ while “B” would be ‘Brush Tool’.After doing this and finding it not working, I’ve chosen to reset all defaults. This wouldn’t reset everything to default. Many of the shortcuts I set would stay non-functional, others would be the shortcut I changed it to before resetting to default.My goal is to remap the entire shortcut list the more I understand Toonboom products better. Eventually, there won’t be a need for the overrideable keys either. Changing those shortcuts seem to cause the most trouble though.

Hi againIt’s hard for me to understand why you don’t like the override shortcuts.Probably because myself I really love to use them, they really speed up many repetitive tasks with lot of tool changes.Maybe you should give it a try.Best regards-Ivar

Hi ivar, There are many other commands that I use regularly that are either buttons under specific tool properties, or that use very lengthy shortcuts that a hand resting on the left side of the keyboard can’t comfortably reach such as alt + F11 for Control or Ctrl + M for composite bar. (Alt + shift + F) for Flatten can be simplified to a one button push which would be useful for how often I use it.I prefer to remap as many common functions as possible to the area near my left hand so I don’t have to look away from the screen to see what I want from a function, or so I don’t have to take multiple unnecessary steps (such as selecting a tool, scrolling down the tool properties, clicking a box, returning to the drawing window) when a single button will do without having to move my pen from the stage.Also, very critically, nearly every command will have multiple functions when holding Alt, Ctrl, or Shift. (For example, Holding Alt with the Contour Editor selected will allow an anchor point to become a corner point or to manipulate the bezier handles.) Holding an override key, while trying to use the alternative function as well usually involves some finger gymnastics that fail more than they succeed. It’s just easier for me to not use the override all together. Override shortcuts aren’t very useful in light of all these. I would much rather assign them to my more common functions.

Hi TB team, Is there any official acknowledgement on this topic? Shortcuts tailored to a workflow is just as important as a build for a character. If specifics are required to answer this, please ask. Or if the mechanic of replacing/duplicating tool & override keys has yet to be looked at; I’d like to know so I needn’t continue searching for bugs or workarounds. I will easily cut an hour out of every workday for myself if I can get these shortcuts to work properly.Thanks for your time.

From what I see unfortunately most of the Alt+ shortcuts for the drawing are reserved/locked to their values. I think it’s in part because of the temporary override option that complicates the issue.Alt + B,Q,W,E,R,T,Y,U,I,S,D,Z,X,C,V,B,/,1,2,7,0,-,= all seem to be locked.

Thanks for the response Lilly, I don’t know what’s happening with those studios in particular, though in any production I’ve been a part of, typically the number of artists who animate tend to use what they’re given to get a paycheck and move on.If a studio is using Toonboom software, and overrideable shortcuts are the only option because of the hard-coding then they will be used. But there is a better alternative that is currently not possible.I wouldn’t ask for this change on my behalf alone, however if it were to become a question; my vote is to work towards getting as close to full customization of the keyboard as possible.When an action is repeated 60 times in a day, and that action can go from taking 3 seconds (to find the keys/buttons, use them, go back to animating) down to 0.2 seconds average time (for a button press) then it adds up. Multiply that by an arbitrary average of 12 non-overrideable shortcuts that are used regularly.60 tool selections per day x 3 seconds x ~12 shortcuts x (average 30) artists = 6480 seconds = 180 minutes = 3 work hours spent with tool selections per that to everyone customizing their keys to streamline with one hand, one-two button presses:60 x .2 x ~12 x ~30 = 4320 seconds = 72 minutes = 1.2 work hours per day for tool selectionsLooking at the keyboard to find your shortcut takes your eyes off the screen, off the art, and out of the process. If your hand, eyes, and mouse don’t have to travel to perform an action, that is an enormous boon that isn’t often recognized until it’s a reality.Thanks again for the consideration and your time.(edited because my first draft didn’t read well)

I completely agree with jR_5040. I started working in Toon Boom Studio. I found working in Toon Boom Studio to be very efficient. I recently started using Animate Pro and have found that not being able to assign a custom key stroke to my most used tools, has drastically decreased my productivity. How could Toon Boom Studio be more functional than Animate Pro? It seems like such a small thing, but having to hold down the alt/option key while pressing the tool key (not to mention the fact that the individual tool keys are scattered all over the keyboard, in what seems to be an illogical manner in my mind) is a real concentration killer. I understand that Animate has far more features than Studio does, which complicates the situation. But this is exactly why being able to customize your shortcut list is so important! Shortcuts should be for the tools most used by the individual user, which will obviously vary. I hope this is something that can be corrected soon. I thank you for your time.

The Overridable shortcuts are not recommended to be changed, because these shortcuts are hard-coded in the software. Any shortcut that is not overridable should be fine, but for now there is no solution on how to remove the overridable option.

If this is of concern then I can bring this feedback to the team for further discussion. Most studios that I know of work with the overridable shortcuts.