Shortcut to Toggle (show/hide) Timeline

Hello community! :slight_smile:

Is there a way to set a keyboard shortcut to show/hide the Timeline in Harmony 16 Advanced?

I remember it was a command I’d been using very often to make more drawing space when I was still using TB Studio back in the day and I still want to be able to do it but no luck searching for it (made me very surprised).

If this is not possible can my post be moved directly to Feature Request please?

Of course any help or workarounds highly appreciated.
Thank you!

From the timeline menu-View-Show-Show Manager

There’s no keyboard shortcut but you can check/uncheck what you want to see.

Thanks for reply rkriz.
That’s not what I mean. I want to be able to show/hide the whole Timeline window, not just some layers.

It was possible in TB Studio and it was really useful, esp. on smaller displays, I don’t understand why this command’s not available in an advanced program like Harmony.

Create one workspace that has the timeline view.
Save that workspace to a unique name.

Create another workspace after you click the “x” to
remove the timeline window or set a different window
there instead. Save to another workspace having a
different unique name.

Can be done from menu-Windows of the software.
The switching between the two can be done from

The quick way to get rid of the timeline window would
be to click the “X” of that windows tab to close it but
unless you replace it with another window, it can mess
up your existing workspace.

That would be a really nice workaround if switching the workspaces in Harmony wouldn’t take 5 seconds minimum.
What I’m searching for is something really quick: I’m drawing with the Timeline off, I want to quickly change something in the Timeline - I hit a key and it appears - I change the thing - hit a key and the Timeline disappears - I draw again – all that without needing to focus on finding the tiny up/down arrows I now need to hit to minimize the Timeline.

So yeah, I guess the core of my post is - I don’t understand why this useful feature available in earlier TB animation program (Studio) is nowhere to be found in Harmony.

But thank you for thinking about my problem rkriz. I appreciate.