Shortcut problem

Hey! In some random cases when I try to use keyboard shortcuts, the result is different then what it supposed to be. If it is on the time line it asks me how many frames I want to add and on the camera window it opens another window (Export ot save). Btw, it doesn’t matter which shortcut I use, it’s the same for all letters. It comes and goes randomly. How can I solve this?
Thank you for the support (:

Make sure the “Focus” is on that particular part of your interface.
(you will see a thin red line around that part)
Then apply your Shortcut.

What I think nolanscott was trying to explain is that there are different shortcuts depending on where you last clicked, i.e. where your mouse “focus” is.

This is why you are getting a different result when using the same keyboard shortcut; sometimes the same key combination is used for a different command in another window of the software. The keyboard shortcuts are highly context sensitive.

Where do I control the “Focus”?

OK, I understand what is the Focus. But it moves to the interface automatically when I press the frames and when I draw. I have no problem in drawing or erasing, Just the shortcuts won’t work.