Shortcut: Play start and stop

It would be very useful to me to be able to more quickly change the start and stop frames for playback. I can’t find an assigned shortcut for that, or any way to create an entirely new shortcut (at present it seems possible only to change existing shortcuts through the preferences panel).

Does anyone know if this is possible - or if I can appeal to the TBA crew to create this feature?


thanks but that’s not actually what I asked.

To reiterate:
Animate allows you to designate a specific start and stop when you play back. I would like to be able to access those commands more quickly than going into the play dropdown menu.

My apologies for the misunderstanding…
As far as I know, one has 3 possibilities…?
1.) Play / Start/Stop Frame…
2.) Right click the Timeline / Playback Start/Stop Frame…
3.) Move the “little black triangles” manually into place…



Correct me if I am wrong, but I think there is something else you can do.

In the Timeline view, you can drag the playhead to the frame where you want your Start frame to be and in the Playback toolbar, you can click on the work Start. It is actually a button.

You can then move the playhead to the Stop frame and click on the Stop work in the Playback toolbar.


thanks guys.
that’s helpful but all still a bit too time consuming - when I’ve got a director standing at my shoulder I want to be able to shortcut to those options… rather than going to menus or scrubbing around in the timeline to move the start and stop points manually… and I guess that’s not possible.
I’ve only been using Animate a short time and mostly I like it but in many ways it seems a bit clunky and non-intuitive - though hopefully as I get to know it better I’ll be able to flit around much faster.