Shortcut keys in Timeline

I have my shortcut keys set to ToonBoom Harmony. I can’t find a way to do the following using just shortcut keys under the “Timeline” subheading under the “Shortcuts” Tab.

What are the shortcut keys for

  1. Play (no menu item for this either)

  2. Go to beginning.

  3. Go to end

  4. Go to marker (couldn’t find a way to make a markers in the timeline, either)

  5. “<” and “>” work great for moving one frame at a time but would love to jump 12 or 24 frames at a time.

I have searched many times but keep missing them.

My music program Logic and audio editor as well as my video editor all have these kind of facilities (e.g. to jump around the timeline easily). Hoping Harmony does as well and I’m just missing how to do these.

Thanks for helping a relative newby.

One more thing is that when the running red line moves while the animation is playing, the Timeline view never follows the line. And when I stop the animation, the Timeline view never updates to where the red line is.

Are there ways to follow the red moving line in the Timeline and have the view update to its location when the animation is stopped?

Toggle Playback : shift + return
First Frame : shift + <
Last Frame : shift + >
Go to Next Frame : .
Go to Previous Frame: ,

Activate “Easy Flipping” from Windows / Toolbars.

I am not aware of creating Markers in the Timeline ?

I am not aware of this possibility ?

Thank you for the reply. The Shift+return is turning out to be handy.

I have to say this is not a developed area in ToonBoom Harmony. Just getting into animation myself, I find it hard to believe animators wouldn’t want more control in getting around the TimeLine. I also find it hard to believe there hasn’t been more creative development into how to work more easily with minute sectors such as frames and grouping them into segments of one’s choice. Then being able to move around those larger groups.

There also doesn’t seem to be a way to make multiple Sequences within one Project much like After Effects and Premiere.

I don’t understand the coding here, so what I’m talking about just may be not what an animation program is capable of doing (but for such a big price tag kind of surprising).

Thanks again for the key commands. I set up First Frame as Shift+ left arrow and Last frame as Shift + Right arrow. Combined with the other you mentioned, I’ll make due.

First, most animators are not concerned with “groups” of frames as you point out. we generally concentrate on a parts at a time after roughing in a sequence. for that purpose, there are the Start and End selectors to concentrate the timeline into one specific area which works nicely.

secondly, you are comparing an animation package with editing software. they are two different beasts that serve two entirely different purposes.

Harmony 10.3
OS 10.8

It works but is a bit unpredictable still.

I then changed it to a single key short cut and it works fine.

I notice with the keyboard shortcut shift+return in order to play the sequence I have to do it 2-3 times before it starts to play. Same with stopping. The response isn’t immediate like other shortcut commands. And this is consistent behavior.

Anyone else having this problem?

I see, you just use the Selectors to isolate your area.

I just can’t imagine using Logic or After effects or Premiere without the ability to isolate areas (as you mention) and get to them quickly without interrupting workflow.

I’m new to animation. It’s interesting to learn how the pros work.

Thanks for the tip about Start/End selectors. I will use that.


Thanks for your reply.

Nolan, are you using Windows or Mac version?

I’m on Mac OS 10.8.

OSX 10.9.1 (Mavericks)
Animate Pro 3 Version 10.5.1 (8710)

I had the same issue and changed it to a single keystroke . It’s the key just above the Enter key on my keyboard. I used to use the Enter key on my number pad but would have a problem when I was only trying to enter a numerical value.

I was having the same problem playing. Were you using a wireless Bluetooth keyboard? I was, and when I switched to using a USB keyboard shift+return made play work perfectly. That two key command might not work with Bluetooth.