Shortcut key for Incremental Brush size increase & decrease

Hello! This is my first time posting on the forum. I am looking for an alternative shortcut to increase and decrease brush size while I am drawing. I know that there is the “O” function combined with dragging the stylus to a desired size, but I find this breaks my workflow and is quite slow. Has anyone created a custom script for something like " [ " and " ] " as incremental increase and decrease? If not, is it possible to code this myself? Thank you all!

I found the shortcut for incremental increase “Increment Brush Size” and I was able to map it to the key that I wanted. However, it only increases, and there is no reverse function, to decrease the brush size. Is there a way to modify this function to have a second incremental decrease hotkey?

In the Keyboard Shortcuts under the ‘Drawing Mode’ drop down you can set Shortcut Keys for Increment Brush Size (which you have done) and Decrement Brush Size (which you need to set).

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Oh this was helpful because I didn’t know it was named “Decrement Brush Size” but originally I was thinking that the shortcut counterpart to “Increment Brush Size” would be nearby in the list. Now it makes sense that it was in alphabetical order, but I would have had to know the name of the shortcut in order to find it. Thanks!! I have set it now.