shortcut for switching views

Is there a keyboard-shortcut way to go from Drawing to Camera to Side to Top views? I’d prefer not to drag the mouse up to those tiny icons on the right for each change of view. Thanks.

From the Preferences / Shortcuts / Window Menu…
Assign a suitable (not used by other commands) keyboard-shortcut…


I appreciate your help, Nolan. One more question … when I use the mouse on the upper-right icons, the Side and Top views appear in the main work area above the timeline. When I use the shortcut, they appear in a small area on the left side. Would you know how to make them appear in the main work area with the shortcut? Thanks again.

Not sure if this is possible…?
You might consider resizing and dragging those windows to a new position in the viewport.
Even if you delete those windows they will pop up again using those shortcuts.
Saving those Layouts as New Workspace might be worthwhile.


That makes sense. I’ll give it a try. Kind of you to help, Nolan. Thanks.