Shortcut for resetting view in the timeline?

I’ve been using Animate for a while, but I haven’t figured out an easy, quick way to navigate in the timeline. I use the home, end, and “Go to frame” features to move my cursor to different frames, but my view in the timeline doesn’t reset to follow the cursor. Surely there is a way to do this. Right? Please? I’ve looked through the shortcuts list and can’t find anything.

Right now I have to move the timeline’s scroll bar to get to the frame I’m on, and when you’re jumping back and forth that’s really annoying. Please show me the way.

I have no real answer to your question.
But for jumping between start and stop (or any two points) of the timeline you can divide the timeline by pressing the double arrow (one pointing left the other right) at the top right of your timeline.
Then you scroll both to the convenient points for your work.
If you also show the x-sheet, The x- sheet will follow the scrolling of the time slider in the timeline if a cell is activated. X- sheet will also jump to first frame last frame.
With both timeline and x-sheet showing there should be a flexible way of chosing jumping and navigating.

Best regards