Shortcut for drawing in one frame in drawing mode?

How can I go from one frame to the next in drawing mode with a shortcut?

If I use the “,” or “.” shortcut I can move the red indicator in the time line but I can not drawn in it (it is not selected). To select it I must click with the mouse in the frame cell .

In camera mode it work fine, but I don´t like the camera view background color and it seems that it is not posible to change.

Some idea?

You can go to the next ‘drawing’ in ‘drawing’ mode by using the F and G keys to get to the next or previous ‘drawing’. The frame will not show in drawing mode.

So it is imposible?.

Pressing the F and G keys only move the red needle in the time line window, but you not select a new frame for drawing.

the red needle shows the ‘drawing’ you are on, many frames can be made of only one drawing on each level. F moves to the previous ‘drawing’ and g moves to the next ‘drawing’ in the drawing mode. Why cant’ you do what you need to do in camera mode by pressing the , and . keys ?

Sorry I can do my drawings in the camera view but I don´nt like the background gray color.

In the drawing view you only can move the red needle, but you do not select a new frame.

A solution …Make a new layer draw a white rectangle to be the background a extend the exposure. Put the new layer at the bottom of the timeline. And draw in the camera view.

You could always change the background colour in the camera view ? edit>prefs>general>edit colours.


Yes, it work fine. In the peferences menu–edit color–camera, we must change the CLEAR color key.

the word “CLEAR” is unclear. Could have been named “BACKGROUND COLOR”.,or something similar.
Causes confusion.


Another way to get a background of diferent color is using the “Colour-Card Layer” . I must read better the manual.