Shifting Symbol

I have noticed this issue a bit and usually do some working around it but its getting tiresome so I wanted to ask. There are times where I make a symbol with multiple frames, everything is lined up perfectly, then I try to use a drawing substitution the symbol shifts. I notice that the pivot point is in different places but I have not way of getting them all to just line up. Also is there a way to prevent this from happening?

Thanks in advance.

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Thank you very much that seemed to help!

Well the way that a symbol’s pivot works is different from the way a regular drawing pivot works. And the reason is that a symbol can have many layers inside of it, so how do you tell the symbol which layer and which drawing has the correct pivot for it to use?

What you should do is double-click to go inside the symbol. Notice that there is a big light-grey cross. This indicates the pivot of the overall symbol. If you activate your pivot tool, you’ll see where the blue pivot for each drawing is. If the symbol’s pivot is in a different place from the pivot of your drawing, you might run into a discrepancy.

Now with your pivot tool, set the pivot on each of the drawings so that the pivot is in the right place. (If you need to, you can copy and paste the pivot from one drawing to another by having the focus in the camera view with the pivot tool on and doing a Ctrl+C, then go to the next frame and get the focus in the camera view again and Ctrl+V). Next, you’ll need to select each drawing with the pivot tool on, and in the tool properties window you’ll see the option “Copy pivot to parent symbol”. Make sure you do this on all the drawings so that the big grey cross is lined up with the blue pivot that you set.

Does this solve your problem?

You can also verify that your drawings are lined up properly by going into the symbol and turning on the onion skin to see the drawings on top of each other. If you need to adjust the position on any of the drawing layers, you should do so with the select tool.