shift shoortcut for lining are snap to horizontal/vertical

I just try toon boom harmony 17 premium (trial version)
and having a problem with the shortcut that I usually use when working on brush

usually I could just hold shift button to make a straight line, now the straight line is snap to horizontal or vertical, I cannot aim it to the direction I wanted
it’s look like having snap guide on or something, but I already check the ruler guide and didn’t find any ruler or guide there

does anyone have same problem and know to fix this? or is it bug?

thank you in advance

Have you tried going to the “Tool Properties” window to uncheck
all the “snap” settings (with the line tool selected)?

I have tried that and it feels not good
usually, I press alt in order to snap it to other line drawing but now it won’t work anymore

To get a straight line at any angle use Shift + Alt.

It will pivot at the starting point of the line.