Shift-Drag constrain movement???

I just got Version 3 and I am using a G5 Mac 10.3. My problem: I am trying to move objects by shift dragging them- hoping to constrain the movement to only horizontal/vertical. This can be done in EVERY program I can think of but it isn’t working here. Am I missing something? Please tell me what I need to do!
Also, please get that tutorial on cut-out animation going. I am eager to try it. Will these cut-out pieces transfer to Flash as symbols?

Won’t work with 2.5 tb as well.
I use shift/arrow left right, or for small steps only arrows left right.


Admin- is this not a feature?
If it isn’t, can’t we get this into the next build? This is key for animating in my opinion. I’m trying to match up scanned drawings with each other and using the arrow keys is slow. Every other program has this, it can’t be that difficult, can it?

Hi Guys,

The shift drag can be done with the select tool on drawings only. You will have to use the arrows (as mentioned previously) or the digital properties in the function editor window to create a precise motion on pegs.

Shift & drag with the motion tool would be an interesting feature. I will add it up on the list.

Also, regarding the cut out tutorial, I’ve created 15 minutes of video on cut out animation and the news stuff in V3.

It should be ready online early next week.


"The shift drag can be done with the select tool on drawings only."

I’m not really that familiar yet with Toon Boom (But I’m trying) so bear with me here-
What do you mean by “drawings”?
I am scanning drawings (a walk cycle) into the program with the scan and vectorize feature. I want to then line up one walk sequence with the next so the character walks across the screen. I select my scanned (“drawing”?) and hold shift key down. Drag across screen to match up the feet. But inevitably, the drawing pulls up or down on me rather than constraining the move horizontally. Aren’t these scanned & vectorized drawings the same as you refer to in your answer? If so, the shift key won’t work for me.


The shift and drag only works in the camera view with the scene Select operator. The select tool in the drawing view doesn’t do the trick (use the arrows).

When I mention drawings I was referring to drawing elements. A drawing element is represented by a colon in the exposure sheet or a layer in the timeline. It has a little pyramid, cube and sphere symbol. A drawing element contains cells with contains vector artwork. A cell is different then a frame since a cell can have an exposure of 2 or more frames.
We use image element for bitmap content and sound element for sound.

I hope this is not too confusing.

There are two ways you can animate your walk cycle.

The first one, which I believe is the one you are using right now, is to scan your drawings and put them a little bit further right or left at at every cell of the element. Then you can play it back and view the walk cycle (this is where you have problems, moving the character straight in the drawing view right ?).

The other method is to scan all your drawings but do not move them around in the drawing view. You should normally see a walk cycle of a character that stays at the same place.

Then you switch to the camera view, open the timeline (if not already opened) and attach a parent peg to your drawing element (just drag the drawing element on a peg element or use the attach parent peg button).

Motion can be applied to pegs so you take the motion tool, and create the horizontal movement on the peg by moving the scrubber at a further frame in the timeline and position the character the way it should be at the end of the cycle. With this method, it’s a little bit harder to get the timing correctly but you have more control on the movement of the character.

This is a mix of traditional and digital animation. The animation movements are done the traditional way but the left-right motion is calculated by a peg. If you want the camera to follow your character as it walks, just drag the camera to the same peg then your character. All element attached to a peg will follow the motion/rotation/scaling and skewing value of that peg in time.

Does it make sense ?

Thanks, this makes some sense. I’m sure it will make even more sense later. Still though, I don’t understand why the shift drag isn’t available no matter what is selected.
Thanks for taking the time to respond!