Shift-Clicking only makes straight 90 degree angle lines in harmony 17

I don’t know if this is a problem or a menu option I’m not seeing, but shift-click seems to only be able to make straight lines at right angles as opposed to following the angle of my pen when I draw. It seems to be an issue I’m having only with the new version at the moment

thank you!!

Hello Blitzaras,

We’ve made some improvements to this feature in the latest release of Harmony, Harmony 17.0.1!

The improved functionality is as follows:
“Users can make straight lines at any angle using the Brush, Eraser, Pencil, Repaint Brush and Stamp tools by pressing Shift + Alt. The angle locks when either Shift or Alt is released (while keeping the other modifier key pressed), allowing the user to redraw along the fixed angle. In the previous release, backtracking to reduce the size of the line would lock the angle.”

Please let us know what you think of this new addition! We will also note down your general feedback as well.

@the Toon Boom team: I preferred the method in prior versions, where shift was a straight line in any direction and shift+alt snapped to degree increments. Is there a way to reverse this new setting, or can we maybe get an option in the future? I’m having trouble adapting to it.

Hello Hamhamham!

Have you tried holding both shift and alt and then clicking? We’ve added some new functions to Harmony which you can find outlined here:

Let me know if you need any additional help!

I can confirm both of these experiences.

Is this change listed in the Release Notes? I could not find it mentioned there. Few people read through the manual beginning to end looking for changes. Seems like the place to highlight changes like this would be the Release Notes.

Thanks for the feedback o0Ampy0o! Noted for the future.

Hi, thanks for getting back! Appreciate it.

Personally I’ve had a couple issues with workflow after this update–I’d gotten into a habit of cleaning by using shift to seamlessly create straight lines mid-stroke. Now that it takes two keys, I’ve had less success with this method and need to split up my strokes. A minor annoyance, but still makes a difference–cleaning like this made Harmony’s pencil tool my favourite vector clean-up method across any program. (That and being able to push strokes to smooth and adjust the curve! Love it!)

It would be really lovely to be able to choose between shift for 90º lines or unlocked straight lines in preferences, or even be able to toggle between the two.

Thanks for your time & consideration!