Hi guys,

I got this to work only ONCE. I checked the documentation and watched the corresponding online tutorial (advanced traditional animation) but can’t for the life of me get it to work again.
I can’tsee the registration bars on the screen when using “enable shift and trace”.

Hi Lily,
Thanks for your quick response - and you are right!
Theproblem for me is that my drawing screen cuts off the bottom and I have to zoom out to see the drawing pegs.

Is there an option to perhaps set the full viewing area of the screen?

Thank you once again! :wink:

It’s due to the current monitor I am using. It’s small… my hardware is powerful but my monitor is what lets my system down.

So let me just outline a few steps to use shift&trace.

1) Select your drawings in the X-sheet
2) Right-click on the selected drawings and from the contextual menu "Send Drawings to Drawing View"
3) Now make sure that you’re in the Drawing View, not the Camera View, of course
4) When you Send Drawings to Drawing View, it automatically opens the special area to the right where you see thumbnails of the drawings. You won’t see peg bars right away. Click “Shift & Trace Enable”. The peg bars pop up on the current drawing.
5) If you want to move the drawings now, you need to click on the checkbox next to the thumbnail as well as click on the middle button to enable the Shift and Trace Tool
6) Now you can move things around. Turn on the onion skin so you can see the other drawings. Alt will rotate. Shift will zoom.

So it sounds from your description that when you clicked the “Enable” button you didn’t see the peg bars. Is it possible you’re zoomed in too far? To check this turn on the drawing grid. The peg bars always show up at the bottom of the drawing grid.

If that’s not it, is there any step where you did something different from me?


There’s no option to change the size of the viewing area of the Shift & Trace tool. What we’re looking at implementing in Harmony is a smaller split-window that shows where the peg bar is at the bottom of the screen, but this is not yet available in Animate Pro.