Sharing projects and scenes between Animate and Pro

I’m sure this must have been covered in the forum but I can’t track it down.
Is it possible to share files, projects, scenes etc between Animate and Animate Pro?
I’m due to start on a large project soon and some animators have Pro and others have Animate.


there is limited compatibility.

Things that only Animate Pro can do won’t be opened in standard (the file opens but the effect is removed)

Your always better off starting in Animate then migrating the project to Animate Pro. If you are going in reverse, you need to keep in mind what Animate can and can’t do. For instance you can’t really use effects. If you look at the user guides you can find out what each can do.

The contents of the files will be traditional animation key drawings, drawn without texture lines using APs brush tools, no effects.
I’ll be sending these to my assistant animator who will be doing clean-ups and inbetweening in Animate.
He’ll send the completed animation back to me for assembling, compositing and rendering in AP.
From what you say, there shouldn’t be a problem, but we’ll swap a few test scenes back and forth to check.
Thanks again.