Sharing Global Library

Is there a way I can share an existing Global Library? For example, put it in a common location on a server and allow others to use the elements in their projects?

Any input is appriciated. Thanks.

Yes, that is what the global part is. I use the same library for each episode so that I’m not re-inventing the character each and every time. I’m not in front of my TBS PC so I can’t give you specific instructions but I can at a later time.

It’s true, but each computer that runs TBS will have to be set up for global access.

For Global Library Setup:
1. Open the Library window, under the window menu.
2. Create a new library to use as the global library.
3. Fill that library with your templates.
Note: be sure to create catalogs to differentiate components.
4. SAVE the library, to the network. Or a within a shared folder on your PC.

For all other computers running TBS:
1. Open the Library window.
2. Right click in the lower left box, select Open library…
3. Locate the Global library on your network. Or in the shared folder. And Open it.
4. Repeat for each computer you want to have access to the same Library.

I haven’t fully implemented this, but chances are: other users may be able to make and save changes to this library. I don’t know if the changes will show up instantly in TBS on other computers, or not.