sharing files.

hello Animate family, please if this has been discussed before, direct me to the topic.

i intend to split a project between me and another toonboom user. i will be doing the animation while he does the clean up and coloring. i haven’t done this before and i know a toonboom project folder contains several subfolders and files. so do i just attach the .anim file in an email and send it to him? or do i have to attach all other files and folders too?

and another question: another person is willing to help on this project too but he’s not familiar with toonboom and only works on Flash, is there any possible way of importing an anim file into Flash or vice versa?


Maybe you can use dropbox (an online data storage) to put your files in. You can share it online with the people you work with.

thanks Delah for taking the time to reply, what i want to figure out is whether through an online data storage or an email attachment, would i have to upload/send only the .anim file? or the whole folder?

thanks Lilly :slight_smile:

You need to send the entire project folder. The .anim file does not contain the actual drawings that you do, so if he tries to open the anim file alone, he’ll see a bunch of blank drawings.

Usually what people do is they zip the project folder and send that as one file, to be unzipped on the other end.

Regarding interfacing with Flash, it’s possible to export a SWF file, but you lose some information regarding the layer names and such. Also, you can’t now take advantage of some of the strengths of using Animate such as the colour palette. If he’s willing to consider using Animate, then perhaps you can point him towards the tutorials on the HowTo section of the website and he can get up to speed. If you’re not doing cutout-style animation, but just frame-by-frame, then it should not take very long to get up to speed in all the necessary tools.

Just my opinion, however. :slight_smile: