Shapes not moving smooth when playing back

Being rather new to animation a typical beginners question. I have drawn a very simple shape (rectangle) and want to let it move from the right hand side of the screen to the left hand side. I can achieve this but when I play back the animation the rectangle moves not very smooth but seems to move a little bit “shaky”. I can see the “movement of the line” in the sens the I seems to be that the upper part of the line is “not yet as far as the lower part of the line”. What do I have to do to make objects move as smooth as possible?

Hi Moorsel,

I dont quite know what you mean about the upper part of the line isnt as far as the lower part. Animation works by creating a number of drawings and playing them in quick sucession to create movement, so what you do (this is for basic animation) create a rectangle at the left side of the screen, and in the exposure sheet, go down to whenever you want the rectangle to be at the other side (so, if you want the rectangle to be at the other side by 2 seconds, go to frame 48 (assuming you work in PAL - theres 24fps) and copy the original rectangle in frame 48. The rectangle will be at the same place as in frame one, so move it to the other side of the screen (if you want it to move straight, i suggest using the up/down/left/right keys and just keep your finger on > until it reaches where you want (further you zoom out the quicker it will move across)) As long as thats all clear, make sure you have the rectangle copied, go to frame 24 and paste it…move it to roughly halfway between frames 1 and 48 (you can see where the rectangles are in frames 1 and 48 by going view > onion skin > previous drawing, and also next drawing) Then go halfway between 24 and 48 and position the same rectangle halfaway between the rectangles on those frames. Keep doing this until you have filled in all the frames, and itll work. Of course, this is very linear animation meaning there is no easein/ou and the more frames you do it over, the smoother it will be and more work :wink: ) Well thats quite alot of writing ive just done, sorry if any of it is patronising, hope it all makes sense and good luck! IF you need anymore help just ask :slight_smile:


This method described by talk2cotton is traditional animation.

Of course you can do this in Toon Boom Studio (for some movements it’s better to use this technique) but sometimes, like in this case where it’s only a rectangle moving from right to left, it easier and faster to use tools to create digital animation.

Try this:

Draw your rectangle once on frame 1 and set the exposure to 48 frames. Then attach your drawing element to a peg in the timeline. On frame 1 position your rectangle on the right side. On frame 48 use the transform tool or the motion tool to position your rectangle to the left side. Then let Toon Boom Studio create the in between drawings for you. You can adjust the velocity of the movement in the function editor window (Window Menu).

If this is what you have done and your animation doesn’t look good, please send us your output file to with a brief description of the problem.


Yeah, mathieu is right…i meant to write the “peg” way to do it too, but forgot at the time :-[ sorry about that :smiley:

I’m having the same problem
if I create an object and peg it to go left to right across the screen
or up and down on export it has a jitter to it
I’ve tried every frame rate i can think of
12, 15, 24, 29 dosen’t matter
so if i make it 29 frames i export 29 frame also
I export out as non compressed everything else is fine
except this any ideas would be a help

Sometimes when translating/scaling on a peg layer the keyframes are not evenly spaced and it causes the object to jitter around. Not sure what is causing this, everything is set to linear in the function editor and there doesn’t seem to be any way to even out the key frames again.

I have noticed that it is when I am both translating and scaling together.