Shaped influence in deformation tool


I started to get more into using the neat deformation tool as it is perfect for making detailed drawings move.
What i would like to ask about the deformation tool is the red points in its influence area that help me in “shaped” mode customize its influence. I was wondering how can i add new points in such sytuation?

Also,is there a way to speed up the proces when i replay to see the movement?
I have noticed that it pretie slows down when i use a bigger number of the deformation tool and the only ways sofar are rendering the animation or import exported frames to see the moving result.

Change to the Transform tool once the influence are done and the hold the Ctrl key while clicking on the contour box. This will add a new point.

If the playback gets too slow you can use the Record and Play to see it at speed. Just set the play range to the section you want to see so you don’t pre-record the whole scene. This will record the OpenGL view and open it in a play view. Going through a render is way too long. That’s only good when you want to check the effects.