Shape editing with imported drawing


I’d like to know if it’s possible to edit shape/ curves of an imported drawing from photoshop (vectorized at the import).
I’ve tried with the contour editor, but it’s not the result I’m searching for.
It only move the control point and donc deform the drawing.


So here what I’m talking about :

Image 1, coutour editor selection

Image 2, contour editor control point moves :

Image 3, curve used with the deformer tool :

Image 4, deformer too point movel :

I’d like to know if it’s possible by just using the contour point without using the deformer tool.

Did you happen to select the Apply to Line and Colour Art button in Tool Properties before trying that initial approach? I don’t have time at the moment to verify it on my system but if it has become a vectorized drawing it should behave like a drawing created within the software and your preferred method would work. Please try it.

If that does not work try Create Colour Art from Line then the Apply to Line and Colour Art.

I’ve tried, it doesn’t work for both imported image and directly drawn image :S

Would you describe the process you went through beginning with Photoshop?

Was this a PSD file imported into Harmony?

Also, just to confirm, with a “directly drawn image” (a drawing made using the software tools inside Harmony) when you follow this procedure:

  1. Draw an ellipse with a Pencil line
  2. Fill it with a color
  3. Select Apply to Line and Colour Art
  4. Using the Contour Editor Tool select the drawing
  5. Move the line outward or inward, grabbing anywhere along the line (it does not have to be a control point).

…the filled in color (colour art) does not follow the shape of the line?

Note: I only have Animate Pro.

I have not been able to do what I see you doing in your images. I’d like you to describe the steps so I can try to duplicate the results you are getting. There may be a limit to what Pro can do which could be nothing or only some of it. Pro does not have the Curve Deformer.

I can see how the Curve Deformer requires more work to set up for this particular application. You could not wrap the Bone Deformer around following lines like you are doing with the Curve Deformer. I imagine you did that manually and there isn’t a button to produce a Curve wrapping along line art, correct?

What I have been able to do with a PSD file is to import the line layer, select the line art with the Select Tool, then with a single click on the Paint Fill Tool it sort of keeps it selected but removes the selection box, what you will have is the outline of the line art selected then I fill the line with the Paint Fill Tool. From this point on the drawing layer is true vector art created with the software which can receive influence from all of the effects and tools of the software.

In this case having filled the line art I am able to fill the spaces enclosed by the line art. You lose the nice features of the Pencil Tool though. I cannot edit the lines as Pencil Lines and they cannot be converted back and forth between Pencil and Brush lines. WHat this really is doing is making everything Colour Art.

Did it once again and fill it this time and that works but only for drawings directly made in Harmony :confused:

I’ll do with curves with my imported PSDs.
Thanks for help (again) :wink:

Have you experimented with the Curve and Bone Deformers?

I’ve tried, but I thonght that using directly the vector curves would be easier. With the deform tool if I want to deform a balloon I’ll have to outline the whole image whith curves, I guess ?

For a sphere it’s okay but more complex shape it will be a pain :S

I don’t have Harmony but have Animate Pro 3 and it has Bone Deformation but not Curve.

Can you make a before and after image with an object roughly illustrating what you would like to end up with?

I have wanted to manipulate organic forms but I am finding that Bones tears and breaks the drawings. What is needed is a way to increase the resolution of a drawing, in a sense at least, so the deformation is in smaller increments which would make it easier to achieve smooth organic results.

In 3D software you increase the density of a mesh or increase the number of control points in a spline. As far as I can tell there is nothing like this in Animate Pro. Any smoothing tool just works while it is turned on. It does its thing and then turns off. You cannot combine tool effects and you cannot use smoothing tools to improve the resolution of a drawing.

Regarding the smoothing tools, I am only guessing but it appears that as you can see the number of points increase and decrease I suspect the algorithm tells control points to expand their arms thus changing corners to curves rather than adding or subtracting control points alone. Once the arms expand to a degree you no longer need certain points along the spline and they are eliminated. I don’t mean to imply that you see the control arms at all. I am describing what might be happening in the software. Again all speculation. I don’t know what is truly going on.

I realize this is vector but the 3D reference helps describe the effect and result I am after. From videos it looks like Curve Deformation is gentler on drawings. I hope Curve Deformation makes it way to Pro in the next upgrade or there are advanced tools added to improve and gain more control over Bone Deformation at least.