Shadows with real volume?

I’ve been doing some shadows for the background elements and characters of a scene out of quadmaps but, now that I’m planning to start changing the camera angles, I’ve realized that, when viewed from the top, the shadows are flat as flat as the element they’re coming from.

Is it possible to add some actual 3D volume to those (which doesn’t look like, since quadmaps don’t seem to have Z values), or should I try another way of making shadows, in order to make them camera-friendly?

Oh, thanks for the tip but I actually wouldn’t need the Ortholock since I do want the objects to look “paper thin” as part of the aesthetic, so that’s one problem less!

The only problem would be with the shadows and extreme camera angles as you mention, which wouldn’t make them believable, and that’s why I’m looking for an alternative to quadmaps, if it’s really needed, =\

Else, I guess I’ll move them manually, but first I’d like to know it it’s really the only way…

Are you using 2D camera or 3D camera?
If you are using 3D camera (Animate Pro), you can use otholock to face the element directly with camera regardless the angle of camera. You may have to manually adjust the shadow (ex, Quadmap) over the time since it has no volume (2D) when camera moves extremely. Or draw some to compensate if necessary. It is up to your judge.