Shadows (Studio vs Animate)

Studio seems to have a nice automatic ‘cast’ shadow feature… but I think I saw a video for Animate where the guy seemed to have to do it manually (by duplicating the animation, making it grey, then positioning it.

Does Animate not have the same type of automatic shadow that Studio has?


The shadow effects are pretty similar in both the software. The Animate one give you more control over it which explains the extra positioning and configuring needed.



Hi. So, the Animate version is still an automatic one (as seems to be the case with Studio)? Because the technique shown in the video I saw wouldn’t really be considered an automatic shadow feature… but instead, what I saw was the standard ‘cheat’ way of creating a shadow if you DON’T have such a feature (duplicate the object/animation, make it grey, distort it, position it).

I just want to make sure that Animate has a true automatic shadow feature (…as opposed to what I saw in the video).



Sorry I made a mistake there (should have checked a little more I must apologize). You do indeed need to either clone or make a symbol of of your element and to create a drop shadow inside of Animate.

I will try to see if we could make something similar to what TBS does in a future version of Animate.



Ya, I was surprised to see that in the Animate video (the shadow feature not there)… considering it’s a more sophisticated program than Studio.

Yup, please slap that on the wish list (…it’s not one I’m critically needing, but it would be cool to have, considering that Studio already has it).

If it would be possible to have an ‘export project to Adobe Flash’ (.fla), that would be really great too. Not sure how much of a headache that would be for the programmers… But, please put that in the wishlist too.


The issue of exporting to .fla is not technical it’s political. Adobe will not make .fla format open source just like a lot of company they want to keep their proprietory rights. Even .swf now is getting more and more closed. That is why Animate works with version 6 (?) of swf and not the latests.