Shadows in toon boom 5

hi all… (new to this)

was trying to animate the drop shadow effect for a stationary character as the sun passes from left to right, so the shadow should grow and shrink as the sun moves around the character.I haven’t been able to work out how to do this yet and was wondering if anyone knew how or if it was even possible?

thats all… thanks :slight_smile:

Hello, the drop shadow cannot be animated like this. You can, however, achieve the same effect by using the Colour Transform Effect.

To do this, create a clone of the drawing that will cast the shadow. Add a colour transform effect and put the cloned drawing as its child.

Select the colour transform effect layer and go to the properties tab. Set the multiplicative values to 0 for both key frames. Set the additive values to 128. Also check the Flatten option.

This will give the same visual result as the drop shadow but can be animated as you wish. You can use the tranform tool to skew and stretch your object to make it look like a shadow.

I hope this is helpful to you.

thanks, thats great. :slight_smile: