Could someone please post a little tutorial on how to add a shadow to a cutout puppet.

I tried duplicating and cloning the original layer and putting it in the shadoweffectlayer but when I move my original puppet the shadow does not.

Thanks in advance

If it is Animate Pro, it is easy that you can use the apply peg transformation and quadmap in the network to pass the group of rigged character to right side of apply peg transformation while quadmap on the left side of it. Then add Shadow on the bottom. Then it follows as you move the character.

For Animate, due to missing network and the publishing peg information due to simplification, it is not easy to do the same as in Animate Pro, the easiest way is should be first, finishing all your animation without shadow-> Then create a symbol by dragging whole character (you can grab a peg)->then bring back just created symbol to the scene two times (peg_1 and peg_2)-> Then you can either delete or disable original animation of character (peg_ori)->Make one of the symbol (peg_1) you brought in as the character and the other one as shadow (peg_2). If there is any change needs to be done, go in to the symbol character (peg_2) and change it in the symbol edit. Then the shadow also will be modified.