Shadow rendering in Camera View

Hey Peoples,

First time poster in the forums… I’m having a strange issue that I can’t seem to find any help for online.
Basically I have a character in shot with a stretched shadow on the wall behind them. The camera is slowly zooming in on the character and as the characters limbs exit the frame the corresponding part of that shadow starts to just disappear. Is there some render setting that I’m missing that could fix this problem.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Are you using Harmony Premium or other edition? How do you have the effect set-up? Are you using an apply-peg or apply-image-transformation module to make the shadow from the character? Can you post a screen capture of the network view?

Luis Canau

I’m using Premium and the Apply-Image-Transformation node with a Quadmap node for positioning and distorting…
I’ve attached a couple of screengrabs to the original post, hope they clear up where I’m going wrong.
Cheers for the help by the way…