Shadow problem with animate

Is it just me?

01. Problem:
I cant control the shadow in toonboom animate like I used to do in studio4.5.
In studio I can place dropshadow in a 3D way. Can I do it in animate also?

02. question:
Am I mistaken?
If so How do I edit the position of shadow?

Thanks in advance. I have learned to do animations in toonboom studio and am learning to do animations in animate. Here is my 1st animation

and the second and probably the last in studio after exploring animate

the episode 02 of this animation of my own short story, I will make it on animate insha allah.

03. I am having the following specifications. Give me advice on it also:
760Mb RAM
96MB intel graphics
pentium 4 (intel) 3.06 GHZ

What do I need to upgrade? 10X in advance.

Before we discuss further, if you are using Windows, your video card does not support. Mac is not an issue.

When you are doing the shadow drop, you need also use the quadmap to drop. The connection should be set as followed with poor diagram below.


I have duplicated object instead of using the original one since you also need to show the original image. To enable the Quadmap handle, select quadmap from Time Line and then press SHIFT + F11 in Camera. Then, using Transform tool, fold and skew it.

Where are the links to the discussed ?

So it means that there is a problem with the shadow effect in animate right?

I think I confused you. There are two different things.

1. Hardware requirement for video card that you have (96MB intel graphics). Check system requirement for Animate at

2. Beside the video card issue (if it does not stop you from running Animate), I was explaining how to use the shadow how to create it with diagram. Have you tired it by moving it using the handles?

What connection ? I tried using quadmap thingy but Just couldnt make a shadow as the same way in studio.

Also One more thing, How can we create links to one object bone to another? using inverse kinematics tool? I couldnt. Ummo can ye help me.

In Getting started guide, there is an explanation about how to create and use IK on chapter 8 building a cut-out puppet. You can also find this guide from e-learning section at and check below the documentation. To find out more about IK, check User guide>Chapter 14 Animating your puppet>Animating using Inverse Kinematics from same e-learning page

I,ve read the guide, it dosnt say how to create connected bones. REally, I read 2-3 times only that part.

Have you done getting started guide?
On chapter 8 for ‘Animate_getting_started_guide, there is ‘creating Hierarchies’ guide so that you can use IK. If you have not done getting started guide, first try that than you will have more understanding in User Guide.

It dosnt matter anymore, I have figured out on my own and then read the user guides. I guess reading something, we dont understand to full but playing with something, or looking someone do something, we understand more or to full. Anyways 10X Bro