Shadow Perspective Problems

Hiya Guys,

I am animating a character, and he is stood in a doorway with the light behind him. I am using inverse kinematics on the charcters arms, and I want to create a shadow from the character which stretches out towards the camera. Anything I have tried with the perspective tool has seperated the parts of the charecter, so that the shadow just looks bizarre.

I can do a straight forward shadow which follows the various parts of movement, but making it look realistic with a stretched perspective shadow seems beyond me.

Any ideas or help and I would be very grateful.

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Use a Quadmap for your cloned layer and then apply the shadow…
(zoom out far enough to see the handles, and distort as much as you like)
If you can’t see the handles / Top Toolbar / View / Show / Control…

Check out this Tutorial:
(copy and paste for a direct link, including -v8)

It gets interesting at about 1:20 min, when he duplicates the layer,
applies a quadmap and a drop-shadow…
(be aware, the drop-shadow-effect can be applied without using symbols)

Otherwise check out the Animate 2 User guide page 740.

When ready open the Shadows Layer Properties and try:
Blur Type…Directional
Directional Angle…90
Directional Falloff…1

If you should make changes to your original layer afterwards,
open the hierarchy in the Timeline, select all cells involved, copy them,
and paste them into the cloned layer…


Hi Nolan,

Thanks so much for this info, it looks very thorough. I’m going to have to try and go through this bit by bit - but the video tutorial should be a great help to!

Thanks so much. I’ll keep you posted on this thread as to how I get on.

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