shadow 'patchyness'

in search of a workaround i stumbled upon a studio forum thread about a certain patchyness of a shadow shape. my cut out character drops a shadow which is a sum of shadows of all parts, with much darker grey where the parts overlap.
i thought the ‘multiplicative’ checkbox setting (unchecked) of the shadow layer props should have done the trick, but it’s not the case. the checkbox status doesn’t make any difference.
the shadow configuration is as follows:

the drawing doesn’t have any transparencies.
am i missing something?

Connect your character to a composite module before connecting it to a shadow module. That will stop the overlap in the shadow.

thanks for the reply, but i can’t follow. the character is connected to the composite, and it’s in front of the shadow.

i tried with an apply-image-transformation (in order to remove the shadow of the invisible char - my parallel thread), and with many various port connections, but it doesn’t get me anywhere.

Is the Composite set to Bitmap? If it’s set to Vector, or Pass-Through, then you’ll still see overlapping shapes. It needs to be set to Bitmap to really flatten the character.