shadow/highlight- transparency issue

i’ve got a strange character’s behaviour while adding shadow and highlight.
as the horse char (‘hrs’ in the network) works either with shadow and highlight, the rider character (a template from the library) can’t display any of the effects.

  1. when i set the same modules as for the horse - the char is transparent, no effect visible (the ‘fr’ layer).

  2. the only way to get rid of the transparency is to connect the character’s layer directly to the composite, before the shadow and the highlight. in this case both effects make no sense anymore.

can anybody guess what’s going on?
thx in advance,

unfortunately the appearance doesn’t change, and i’ve tried many configurations.
it may have something to do with the templates imported from the library, but for now i must finish my animation, anyway.

i’ll check the library imported elements next time. thanks for your time.

You might want to try adding some sub-composites. What I mean is take the character, its shadow and highlight and go into a composite module. Take the horse, its shadow and highlight and make them go into their own composite module. The output of both composite modules plugs into the final composite of the scene. This would make it easier to debug what’s going on.

If you’re stuck, contact support to have a look at the actual project.

it must be the ‘invert matte’ setting in the highlight layer properties that must be checked…