shadow element

sorry if im repeating a question. i looked but didnt see anyone ask this yet.

im using the shadow element and was wondering if there was a way to drastically change the element shape.

what im trying to achieve is have the shadow “interact” with floor/and wall.
because a shadow does change shape when hit on a different surface.

i know you can change the angle and size of the shadow butis there a way
to be able to modify the shadow in some frames to have half the shadow as normal (floor) and then have the other half be at a sharper angle (wall) in the same frame

i hope this makes sense.


This is quite complicated but working with multiple Masks and shadow effects you may be able to get the wanted effect. This being said for such complicated effects it might be faster to us 1 single shadow cut by a Mask where the first intersection is then draw the angle change. This will prevent any missmatch with the shadow location what would be done automatically.

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thanks ugo this worked out…i just need to tweak it.

you are the fastest admin i have ever come across! you rock.