Shadow Effect UNDER drawing?

Am I missing something or is it true that no amount of manipulation’s going to let me place a shadow ‘behind’ my drawing?

I don’t mind at all drawing an original shadow or even duplicating the drawing and just applying shadow to the entire thing, but if the point is to be able to animate it over time … that really amounts to one big pain, doesn’t it?

I can hardly wait to hear that I really AM missing something. :slight_smile:

Allow me to try this again: is there a fix for placing the shadow effect UNDER/behind a drawing? (other than duplicating the layer?)

as far as i know, you have to duplicate the drawing layer to make a shadow in animate (opposite to toonboom studio software).

Thanks for confirming (Ha. The ‘as far as I know’ is always a good trick, isn’t it?).

The shadow effect is already, technically, on another layer, but it’s on top of the drawing. All the literature tells me over and over that the quadmap only has x, y coordinates - but I was hoping there was some clever work around.)

Duplicating the shadow isn’t clever at all. It’s what I’ve always done. Oh well. Thank you.