Shadow effect on rigged character not working

Hi, I’ve been using Toon Boom software since Animate 2 and have recently upgraded to Harmony Essentials 14. I’ve always used rigged characters (photo-puppets) and applied a shadow + quadmap to them without problem. However, after updating my characters to HE14, I can’t get them to have a shadow. It seems the shadow effect works differently now in that the character used to go inside the shadow layer but now the shadow layer appears to need to be inside the drawing layer. I can get individual parts of the character to have a shadow this way but not the whole rig.

I can get the shadow effect to work with a simple drawing such as a circle but not my character rig. I’ve attached a couple of screen shots which show how the circle works with the shadow effect but the character just appears as normal as well as an expanded view of the character layers in case there’s something in there I’m missing which prevents it working.

Any advice greatly appreciated. I’m using a Surface Pro 4 with 16gb RAM and i7 processor. Everything else in HE14 is working fine so far.

Think I’ve sorted this now - it seems the character has to be added to a group (Ctrl+G) otherwise none of the effects will apply.