Shadow effect not rendering right

Hey, so I’m having an issue rendering my animation right, transparency/alpha doesn’t seem to translate to my render regardless of settings. Google has failed me so I’m hoping someone has some experience with this issue. Here are screenshots of what my pre/post renders look like. I’d appreciate any input, thanks!

(P.S. I’m using harmony pro, v 14)

If you export as frames/image sequence the result is the same?

It was, but I figured it out with the help of my teacher. My intensity was too high on the shadow layers and that’s what was causing the weird blackness. In the end I got rid of the shadow effects altogether and just adjusted the alpha on my color palate to make the shading look normal. If anyone else has issues like this let me know and I can make a tutorial on dealing with shadows/transparency.

What level of intensity were you using? In any case, what you see in your render view should be reproduced when rendering the frames or movie, so that might me some sort of issue with your configuration or the software. I tried to exaggerate the intensity of a shadow in a test but what I get on the render view is what I get on the rendered frame.