Shadow and Element transparency

Hi there!
I´ve been trying to figure out a easier way to do the shadow level on top of the characters (not the Drop Shadow effect), using the clipping effect.
Is there any way to change the transparency of an element in TBS 4?
I tried changing the opacity of the watch, but I have to paint every line also on the shadow level, ´cos the black color swatch changes from one drawing to another.
What I want is to paint all the shadow´s areas black and then make it transparent as the scene needs it.
All my artwork is hand drawing imported and vectorized (just in case it has something to do with it…
Thanx in advance!!!

Check gonzor666 on YouTube and leave some feedback on my videos ;D


You can change the transparency of an element inside Toon Boom Studio by using a Color Transform effect and playing with the alpha slider. This will also allow you to shade your element so you could actually use the original character which you process through the Color Transform to make it darker and then process that character in a clipping mask to cut where you want the shadow to apply.



Worked great!