shadow all over the place

hi all -

read the tutorial on shadowing and did a search for questions regarding affixing shadows to characters. I added the drop shadow effect, moved my element atop it (like a peg setup), adjusted the shadow to the characters foot positions in the first frame (character is skipping along)… after that, all the other character motions are way off the mark - is there some attachment i need to do to adhere a shadow point to a point on the drawing? thanks in advance … dan

When you adjusted the drop shadow effect to match the foot position, did you by any chance scale the drop shadow so that the shadow flipped? If you do this, then when you animate the element it will animate the drop shadow in the wrong direction.

If this isn’t your problem, could you perhaps attach a couple of screenshots describing your problem? You could update the screenshots to a free site like Photobucket then post the links here so we can take a look.


hi lilly -

yes, that is exactly what i did - when the shadow attached, it was to the north of the character, i need it to the south … is there a way to attach the shadow to a character going E-W with the sun behind it? thanks, dan