to make my animation as realistic as possible, i would like to have shading, what effect could allow me to do so? thanks :smiley:

The Quadmap makes possible the distortion needed by the action for apply to shadow effect and animate the cast shadows over time by keyframes.
You need create a clone of the drawing for the effect.
First, create a Quadmap, indenting the drawing clon in it, and manage the distortion pulling the square nodes with numbers to the desired location, this will be the future shadow.
Select the cloned drawing and create: shadow (in effects timeline menú).
The shadow effect layer would be indented into the quadmap, and the cloned drawing, indented into the shadow effect. Double click in the left side in timeline to manage the properties of each layer, position of points, colour, blur, transparency, etc.
Finally, in camera view, press the render view button to see the results.
For shading the caracter over itself, use the Tone or Highlight effects as you need.


thanks :wink: