SFX showcase?

I’m looking to do some special effects, and would like to see some examples of things that have been achieved in Animate Pro, in particular fire, sparks, fairy dust etc. I have played with the Special FX package which really helps, I just would appreciate some more samples, just to avoid me reinventing the wheel, or trying to achieve things that just don’t work in Animate Pro…

I do believe there is software around that is a lot more suitable for this than Animate Pro, but my question is really what I can do with Animate Pro…

Animate pro is professional animation software. The key benefits of this software are as follow

* Advanced animation tool
* Cinematographic 3D camera moves
* Stunning special effects
* 3D Stereoscopic capabilities

It is 100% right.

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If you are interested in effects, I can highly recommend Adam Philips FX animation online course:


He covers stuff like liquid effects, fire, lightning, gravity, timing, and so on. It’s only $24/month and he uses Toon Boom in all of his examples. He focuses mainly on hand-drawn types of effects, but also shows some techniques specific to Toon Boom like morphing and masking.

I know about effects, and I know about hand drawn effects, I am just looking for a showcase of what can be achieved in Animate Pro. Yes, I know I can do everything frame by frame, hand drawn, but I would like to see what can be achieved specifically and efficiently with Animate Pro

Well if you want to do things like fire, sparks, fairy dust, you might want to look at Harmony Standalone, that has the particle engine. In Animate Pro you’ll have to animate the drawings frame by frame probably, then apply filters like glows and whatnot to achieve the final look.


We don’t have a dedicated showcase just for SFX.