Several developers on same project

How can several Studio developers in different cities work on the same project?
If they each have Studio on their PC, how is their individual work merged into one final, completed work?

I wrote an article about this sort of collaboration in 2005 which may give you some ideas or at least spark some creative approaches. Overcoming Barriers to Creative Collaboration

Using a “private access” web site repository with a check-in, check-out, upload-download system, a work planning and scheduling calendar, and on-line storyboards is a great approach. And Twitter and IM are great for direct interactions as is Skype, although I still like IM for sharing quick sketches and capturing the text of brainstorming sessions on the cheap. The technology for these types of collaborations is constantly expanding.

Also here are some more thoughts I wrote on the subject of The Virtual Studio. I hope this gives you a jump start as you think through the work flow and techniques you will want to adopt. -JK