Seven 64bits :Sound decoder: failed to decompress sound file


I have a XPS8000 and Windows Seven 64bits.
and unfortunately Animate Pro is unable to decompress sound file (wav, mp3, aif…)

I think Apple quicktime is responsible. I can’t find quicktime codecs in 64bits. Do they exist?

I tried to change codecs pack (Quicktime pro, quicktime alternative… K-lite, ffdshow)… but no results…

Anybody have an idea?


(oh, i forgot:
it may be helpfull:
when I try to launch a mov file with mediaplayer classic, a message appear:
"Quick time not yet supported for X64 (apple library not available)"
and there is no sound out…)
VLC read and decompress correctly mov file (with sound) ))

I am having the same problem: sound decoder: failed to decompress sound file (xx.aif)this happens in mac os x 10.5.I tried again and then worked that time (so, the files are ok), but with another scenes is happening the same.It seems that when the animate is heavy loaded (rendering), or when you have sound on or scrubbing enabled, then the error happens.any idea?

This is both on and off topic, but it looks relevant enough that I should ask here instead of start a new thread.I’m building a computer right now and need to buy a 64bit OS to get the most of my hardware. I’ve been reviewing all my essential software to make sure it’s compatible so I don’t screw myself over.Toon Boom Animate says it’s “Certified for 32bit” Windows 7, Vista, and XP, so I’ve got to ask you guys, despite this sound decoder issue, does the program run alright on Windows 7 64bit? And to the techs, do they plan on certifying the program for both 32 and 64 bit in the future?

Can someone answer this question from scizowdelarocha on win 7 64 bit support?ALso I would like to know if toonboom animate runs on vista 64 bit?Does Toon boom studio have the same issues on 64 bit vista or win 7?THanks. Sent an email to Toon Boom sales as I am going to buy one of these products. THey dont seem to care to reply. Wonder if I should buy this product really.

Toonboom Animate Pro do work on windows 7 64bits…(but the sound decompression failed…)

I apologise I must have missed this thread before. I do my best to respond to all unanswered threads in the forums, but if you ever don’t hear a response on an issue, try adding a post to move the thread back to the top, and if that fails then go ahead and send an email to I apologise for the delay.Regarding this issue, our products have been tested on Windows 7 64-bit as well as Windows Vista 64-bit. Our software is not compatible with Windows XP 64-bit, and this is due to a problem with Quicktime compatibility with Windows XP 64-bit. I will investigate this issue further on this end regarding decompressing a 64-bit sound file and let you know when I have more information.~LillyToon Boom Support

I just checked with R&D and they say this issue is unrelated to it being 64-bit. The best thing for us to do regarding the sound file is have you email the sound file to us so that we can try to decompress it here and see the results. Please send an email to and include the sound file. Thank you.~Lilly Toon Boom Support