Setup for side view mouth

I remember seeing somewhere in the tutorials how to setup a side view mouth with a green color that acts as a cutter. Somehow this green color cuts the head drawing so that when the mouth is opened a clear area appears where the green is. I’ve tried color override module, cutters, etc., and can’t figure out how to rig it. Does anybody either know where the tutorial is or how to set it up? Thanks!

Hi Zeb

As far as I remember one of the videotutorials shows a quite advanced way of using a cutter module to solve a 3Q view mouthshape. Something like an open mouthwhere the face showed through. By adding a cutter module the problem was solved. I can´t find that video. In fact after the last reordering of the videotutorials it’s a lot I don’t find. So the only thing I find is a short video that briefly covers the basics of playing around with z-dept, Cutter module and reordering the placing in the composite module that I made for Henry Carla on this forum. The art is cut from his video so the video is for this forum only. It’s probably too basic for your need, but post it anyhow. Lilly also made a Rigging a head in animate Pro and Harmony-series.This is very thorough and if I am not wrong you will find a nice cutter combinatinbelow.

Best regards Ivar

Know you have problems with the videolinks so I also paste the links first you will need to add in www. in front to use them.

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Thanks so much, Ivaar, and thanks for posting the links as–you’re right–I can’t see the embedded videos. I’ll check these out soon and I’m sure I’ll be able to figure out a solution. Actually, I think I can figure it out from a video by Kyu-bum in the video below. He does all these setups for the eye using cutters and filters. (Add to ?v=LmN7myYbCIc)

I tried to find the example in the Animate videos by Toon Boom but, as you said, just couldn’t find that particular example. They must have trimmed down those videos for some reason.

Jamalanimation on his Youtube channel has a pencil character in which he shows how he uses a color override and cutter module to do what you want from side views.


Here is that video on Youtube of the Karate Rabbit character and using the cutter to fix the mouth.

That’s the exact video I was looking for, scungyho! Thanks so much!

Yes , Thank you scungyho.
Really need to look over those videos again. So much to learn.


Hey, you guys are welcome but I all I did was find the videos.

I must say we as Toon Boom users are in something of a golden age right now, in terms of having learning resources. I take every Youtube video that I can find, every thing that Toon Boom provides, Lilly’s Toon Boom Tips, etc and gather it all up.

I have an external hard drive set up that is nothing but tutorials. I use a program called Plex to enable me to stream these tutorials to my iPhone, iPad and TVs. Lilly’s Tips series is over 5 GB of videos, the Tutorial Packs is over 12 GBs of videos. Kyu-Bum Lee tuts are almost 5 GB and I have over 30 GBs of video tutorials for Animate Pro/Harmony.

I highly recommend the DigitalTutors Harmony tutorials as well. They have 11 courses, totaling 149 videos. It will cost you $45 to access them but I was able to go through all of them in a month. They give you Harmony files to open and follow along but I am on AP 3 but still was able to learn a lot.