settings for large screen cinema ad?

Hello, been using Studio for a couple years as a hobby…i have a small business and got an idea to create an ad using toon boom for large screen cinema. like the ads you see before a movie…any way, would anyone have tips for me on initial settings in toon boom for some rotoscoping ,and drawing animations within studio. ? I plan to do post work in Sony vegas using real video footage and morph programs chroma key stuff etc. overlaping my animations. Thanks for any replies !

There is no morphing feature in Toon Boom Studio but you can import multiple bitmap images or supported movie format for the rotoscoping. You may want to change the option of Texture & Image resolution and System Memory Usage for large number of bitmap images in Preferences>Display tab for better in performance.
However the resolution for Toon Boom Studio is limit to 2048 x 2048 that if the project you are doing is higher than that, you might consider higher-end product such as Animate Pro or Harmony which also has better tolerance for the heavy bitmap images and supports 4k and higher resolution.

ok thanks…i live in a small town although or cinema is digital. i might ask them to let me ‘sample’ some outputs on screen before digging in deep. Yea the morphing will be done in another program. Studio will really only be used for tracing short footage of people (not to be morphed) along with some animated objects…Thanks for the tips, but still struggling with if i want to step up to Animate yet…so far studio has worked pretty well for me and Harmony!! i bet thats REALLY expensive!!