Setting up the pencil pressure

Heard that the software has pencil pressure features. Anyone know how to set that up? I have a WACOM Intuos graphics tablet in case anyone needs to know which version I have.

If the tablet has been installed following the tablet instructions it does not need setting up with Harmony. Just run Harmony and choose a variable width pencil/brush preset.

On a Mac it is that simple. On Windows the driver can cause problems. Make sure it is the latest and you thoroughly clear out the old driver first if updating it.

Ok. Where can I find the presets? In the brush/pencil properties window?

  1. Open the software
  2. Choose the tool
  3. Look at the interface.

Better yet, use the documentation. It is full of images taken directly from the interface.
It has a search field. Just make sure to choose the Harmony version and level you are using.

Would it be something like this?

Touching that isn’t necessary to set up pressure sensitivity. That is for fine tuning customization.

Ok. Though I did find the stabilizer feature, that I can say is a bonus.