Setting the ease

  1. It would be nice if the Transform tool had ease preset options like the IK tool. You just select a preset, make your keyframes, and it’s done!

    2. When you use the Set Ease for Multiple Parameters it would be nice if you could keep the window open and preview the movement like you can do when setting the ease for individual parameters in the Timeline such as for Rotation. As it is, you kind of have to guess as you set the ease for a string of keyframes and then close the window and see if the movement is what you wanted.

    3. There are some scripts that someone came up with for Animate and Animate Pro that allow you to set the ease for single or multiple layers for a series of keyframes ( In Harmony, these scripts don’t work on Pegs but only drawing layers. It would be nice if someone could come up with scripts that worked for Harmony on Pegs as well as Deformer layers.